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Moxie's Cooking School

Become the top of the class, in Moxie's Cooking School!

As much as Moxie loves stories and fairytales, she couldn’t possibly pass on the opportunity of becoming a teacher and having her own Cooking School! Truly a dream come true.

Join Moxie on her new adventure and learn how to cook delicious dishes, in Moxie’s Cooking School!


Gather ingredients, learn how to cook the dishes, complete the Menu and get your Diploma!

Get Ingredients from Bingo rounds, Game Events, Quests, from your Chef Class Basket, by trading with your friends, growing them in the Garden and from purchases!

The Ingredients come in Baskets, which are of different types.
As you cook and complete dishes, better Basket types unlock!
Each type of Basket contains a different amount of ingredients of varying rarities!


Get your gardening tools and start planting! As you complete categories, new seeds and plots will unlock.

Don’t forget to water your plants often so they can grow fast!

Being a PLUS member comes with an Auto-Drencher! Simply plant the Ingredients, let us do the watering for you and come harvest when they’re ready!

If you want to get the Ingredients even sooner, the Double Drencher Booster is just what you need. It doubles the amount of water the plants get and you can collect them in half the time!


Pantry Pass

You can use them to get Ingredients!

Now, there are 3 different types of Pantry Passes – Bronze, Silver and Gold!

• Using the Bronze one, you can get any Ingredient up to ** Rarity
• Using the Silver one, you can get any Ingredient up to **** Rarity
• Using the Gold one, you can get any Ingredient, including Special or Moxie ones!



The Menu consists of the dishes you are going to need to complete so you can graduate!

There are three main sets, each with three different categories of mouth watering dishes.
For each dish made, you will receive Credits and Chef Points! The Chef Points accumulate towards your Chef Brigade progress.
A big reward of Credits and Chef Points awaits when you complete all the three main sets!

Special and Winston Dishes

Drew and Winston will pop in from time to time as substitute teachers, with special recipes.
Prepare the dishes and get the best rewards!

So, grab your aprons and be the top of the class in Moxie’s Cooking School!

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