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Generate unlimited custom Bingo Cards for free!


Create unique Bingo Cards to print or play with online with this free Bingo Card Generator! 

Choose from 3 different sizes, many artistic themes, and name your card. 

Download and print 1,2, or 4 cards per page, and press play to hear balls get called so you can play with your friends!

Customize the perfect Bingo game for any occasion.

Make your own random number Bingo Cards and print them today! 

How does this online bingo card generator work? 


This swanky system lets you customize your own Bingo Blitz Bingo Cards! Simply pick the size of your card (3x3, 4x4, or 5x5), your favorite design (like a fun holiday or beach theme), and the number of cards you’d like to play with (1, 2, or 4). You can title your Bingo Cards with your name or event and download to print and play!  

Learn How to Play Bingo here.

How do I create printable custom Bingo Cards with this Bingo Card Generator?

  1. Start by picking a card theme from the photo icon in the upper right corner of the card.
  2. Then, select your card dimensions and give it a name!
  3. You can insert your own numbers to build a custom card, but you will get multiple cards with different numbers after downloading your design.
  4. Before you download and print, select the number of Bingo Cards you’d like per printed page from below your card.
  5. Check that your custom card is just as you like it – when you’re ready, click the green ‘Download Mine’ button.
  6. Print your page of cards and play! To hear balls called out, press the Play Button on the purple bar at the top of the bingo number generator webpage.

Bingo Card Generator FAQ 


How do I make my own bingo cards?

Use our free Bingo Card Generator to customize random number Bingo Cards to download and print! 

To make them on your own, check out How to Make Your Own Bingo Cards: The Ultimate Guide


How do you get random bingo cards?

After you’ve downloaded your custom cards, you will see multiple versions of your card with shuffled numbers to play with friends!


Is bingo random?

Yes, Bingo is a game of chance as each ball is rolled out and called at random by the game host (caller).


Are bingo cards universal?

Pretty much! Bingo cards are universally played on a numbered square card, with less traditional designs made with symbols or words instead of numbers. Some less common bingo game variations are played differently than traditional bingo and may use cards in other formats.

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