Bringing Blitzers Together

Heartfelt Moments, previously known as Bingo Angels, celebrates special connections within the Bingo Blitz community

Enjoy the moments caught on camera so far:

Bonnie and Laurie

Meet Bonnie and follow her story of reconnecting with one important person in her life, through Bingo Blitz!

Peggy and Kathy

Meet Peggy and Kathy and see the story of their friendship made through Bingo Blitz!


Meet Lucy and take a look at her sweet story during one of our Live events!

Samantha and Stephanie

Meet Samantha and her mother, Stephanie in this touching episode of Heartfelt Moments!

Our First Wedding!!!

That’s right, Bingo Blitz has officially hosted our FIRST. WEDDING. EVER! We were so touched when asked to help make Bianca’s dreams come true, and it was a blast! Congratulations to the happy couple and their loved ones, may your life together feel like a BINGO!

Erin’s Story

Watch Erin's inspiring journey of how she battled and defeated cancer with the help of the Bingo Blitz family. Her story is a testament to the power of human connection and the incredible impact that community support can have on each other's lives.

Join us in creating more Heartfelt Moments!